We want to further energize Japan. This country is brimming with untapped potential. Cutting-edge technology created through the relentless efforts of researchers, entrepreneurs with high aspirations, a nation that is resilient and excels in teamwork, and a high level of customer-centric service. Our mission is to make this wonderful Japan world class again.
To achieve this, it is crucial to create an environment where ambitious entrepreneurs can actively challenge themselves, leading to the birth of awe-inspiring unicorns that astonish the world.
However, when we look around, we see that many talented entrepreneurs and potentially transformative technologies lack sufficient funding. We, as early-stage investors, aim to recognize those possibilities sooner than anyone else, providing ample funding without fearing risks, even in situations where no one else might see the potential. By properly allocating funds where they truly belong, we hope to foster innovations that can greatly impact the world.
While funding is crucial in nurturing a business, it is often not enough to ensure great success. Even with sufficient funding, it is not always possible to achieve great success. Drawing from our experience of growing numerous companies, we will share our insights with entrepreneurs and walk alongside them, helping them realize their full potentials. As an “advocate of entrepreneurs” with a commitment to hands-on support, we plan to create world-renowned mega-ventures.
When entrepreneurs generate a multitude of success stories and share their achievements with others, a spiral of challenges and successes is set in motion. Anyone from any generation will be able to challenge themselves. We hope to make Japan a country overflowing with such proactive energy.
Angel Bridge will serve as a bridge to great success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Angel Bridge,
General Partner, Yutaro Kasai


  • Total Assets Under Management: $110 million
  • Ticket Size: $70,000-$7.2 million (initial investment), maximum of $15 million per company (including additional investments)
  • Due Diligence Period: 1-2 months
  • Exit Strategy: IPO or M&A
  • Investment Stage: Mainly invest in Seed, Early, or Series A stage startups
  • Business Sector: University-Launched, Deep Tech, IT Services
  • Selection Criteria: Potential to become a mega venture that can significantly impact the world in the future


Our main investment targets are startups in the seed to early stages, growth of which is generally accelerated through hands-on support. We invest in startups that have the potential to become mega-ventures that can significantly impact the world in the future

University-Launched Ventures

In Japan, there are many outstanding researchers who can excel internationally. To facilitate the societal implementation of cutting-edge technologies generated through the continuous efforts of these researchers, Angel Bridge will proactively invest in this field based on its extensive experience and profound knowledge in supporting university-launched ventures

  • Heartseed
  • Theoria Science
  • BIOS
  • Logomix

Deep Tech

Deep Tech startups require a significant amount of time and capital before achieving success. It is essential for investors to have a profound understanding of the technology, the capability for long-term engagement, and a sophisticated capital strategy. As one of the few VCs with a track record of supporting startups in this field, we will continue to dedicate our efforts to this area

  • Genetech
  • Varinos
  • NHP
  • J-BEAM

IT Services

In Japan, there are still many societal challenges that can be addressed through the power of IT services. We will continue to invest in revolutionary services that do not exist yet in areas such as Platforms, SaaS, E-commerce, Logistics, and No-code solutions, which have the potential to address these challenges. Moving forward, we will accelerate our support for ambitious entrepreneurs who are aiming to create mega-ventures in this field

  • Canary inc.
  • Meets More
  • Craftbank
  • Fivot
  • Goals
  • MagicPod

General Industries

We invest in a wide range of companies that will solve major issues facing Japan. We will continue to contribute to the growth of startups that provide services needed by society

  • オンデック
  • 羽田市場


While funding is crucial for nurturing the early stages of a business, it is not always sufficient on its own. As an “advocate of entrepreneurs” committed to hands-on support, we are committed to provide unwavering assistance to ambitious entrepreneurs. We work tirelessly alongside entrepreneurs to collaboratively build world class mega-ventures

  • Company

Company Name
Angel Bridge Co., Ltd.
Yutaro Kasai
October 21, 2015
Fiscal Year
2-17-4 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku,Kasamatsu Chiyoda Building, Room 101,
Postal Code: 100-0014,Tokyo, Japan
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Certified VC by NEDO / Business Promoter Unit of START


  • Building with the brown door in front of the Mexican Embassy.
  • 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Yurakucho Line, and Namboku Line “Nagatacho” Station Exit 6
  • 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Ginza Line “Akasaka-Mitsuke” Station Exit 11