Angel Bridge is committed to creating innovation and making an innovative impact on people’s lives by investing in outstanding entrepreneurs/businesses/technologies.


We aim to create numerous mega ventures originating from Japan by investing capital correctly, and ensuring that capital is utilized effectively

We identify good investments and invest capital where it should belong. If we believe that the entrepreneur/business/technology has intrinsic value and we can generate an attractive return on investment, we will provide capital without hesitation.
We ensure our capital is utilized effectively. Capital functions ceaselessly. Value is maximized when we collaborate with entrepreneurs to exercise our capital correctly and responsibly. We achieve this through continuous and committed post-investment support.
We seek to create numerous mega ventures originating from Japan. By consistently creating mega ventures, we aim to achieve high returns, enhance productivity, create new industries, and make a significant contribution to Japan’s GDP.


To become a unique, world-class venture investment firm that enriches people’s lives

We will deliver high investment returns unrivaled by anyone else in the world. By doing so, we will build trust, increase the amount of capital entrusted to us, and deliver a significant social impact.
We will actively invest in outstanding entrepreneurs/businesses/technologies and maximize their potential through value-up support. We will generate innovations in society that will enrich and have a revolutionary impact on people’s lives. We will realize maximum benefits for our partners (1. Entrepreneurs, companies, employees of our portfolio companies, 2. The society in which they operate, and 3. Our own investors and employees).
Investments from Angel Bridge are not merely about providing capital, they serve as a testament to the innovation and enhancement of people’s lives that they bring.


(1) Always search for the “Truth”

Investment is science, and science is the pursuit of the “Truth”. We conduct analyses based on facts and data to discover the “Truth” that is not visible to others. Through rigorous fact-based analyses, we discern and select investment opportunities accurately, and this is the source of our value.

(2) Create an intricate and interdependent network of talent that revolves around you

We treasure our encounters with each entrepreneur, and build a relationship of trust, not only as a business partner, but also as a friend. This forms the foundation for all our deal sourcing and value enhancements. In order to build long lasting relationships, we will be altruistic, sincere, and proactive in our efforts in order to meet and work with as many people as possible.

(3) Proactively take risks that are justified by the expected returns

Returns are proportional to risks. If the returns are significant enough, we should not fear the risks. If the risks are within our control, we should actively pursue them. We must not forget our own entrepreneurial mindset and frontier spirit.

(4) Investors are supporters of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs take the leading role in their own projects, and investors exert their utmost efforts to support them as a supporter. Investors should not and should not assume that they can run the business themselves. Investors trust and respect entrepreneurs. Investors take pride in maximizing the value they can create by engaging in numerous projects simultaneously.

(5) Demonstrate professional manner

We strive for first-class quality in all aspects of investor behavior, such as deal sourcing, identification, value enhancement, and exits. To achieve this, we maintain a strong drive for self-improvement and engage in continuous learning every day. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we uphold a high standard of ethics and aspirations, and accomplish our goals through fair play.

(6) Foster a sense of unity within the team and find joy in our work

In addition to engaging in high-level investments, we fully embrace the opportunity to be involved with excellent management teams, businesses with competitive advantages, and cutting-edge technologies. We prioritize mutual trust and appreciation, striving to create a firm where smiles never cease to be seen. We will work collaboratively with all involved to realize our dreams and create history together.