Hands-on Support - Angel Bridgeはハンズオン支援をモットーとするベンチャーキャピタルです。 ニーズに応じて組織(ヒト)・事業(モノ)・ファイナンス(カネ)・経営のPDCAサイクルの面で惜しみなくサポートします

Hands-on Support

Angel Bridge is a venture capital firm that is committed to hands-on support. Depending on the needs, we provide unwavering dedicated support for Organization (People), Business (Operation), Finance (Capital), and in creating a PDCA cycle for Management

Hands-on Support

Organization (People)

Leadership and management recruitment

We leverage our unique network to provide introductions to essential positions within your organization. We also facilitate discussions on the required profiles, source potential candidates, and conduct initial screenings according to business stage

Evaluation and Compensation System

Alignment of corporate direction and employee incentives is an essential element of organizational design. We provide support from a management perspective based on our extensive experience

Stock Option Compensation Design

We work with the management team to discuss and design when, to whom, and in what form granting stock options are best for the company

Business (Operation)

Problem Resolution Support during the Start-up Phase

Based on our track record and support experience in professional firms, we spend time with the company through problem identification to resolution

Discussion Partner for Strategy Development

We communicate closely with entrepreneurs based on regular monthly meetings and serve as a discussion partner for strategy development as needed

Customer Referrals

We leverage Angel Bridge’s extensive network to introduce business partners and sales contacts in a variety of industries

Finance (Capital)

Capital Policy Formulation

We work with entrepreneurs to determine the optimal timing for fundraising, valuation, and funding amount, as well as the desired shareholder structure for each funding round, keeping in mind the goal of an eventual IPO

Fundraising Support

We provide support for funding rounds after our investment and enable large-scale fundraising from other VCs and strategic investors. We provide comprehensive support, including preparation of fundraising materials and contact to potential investors

IPO Support

We work closely with the company during the process of selecting an auditing firm and lead managing underwriter, as well as in building a management structure for the IPO. We also assist in building an equity story for the IPO

Management PDCA Cycles

Structuring for Continuous Improvement

We assist in establishing a framework for conducting a PDCA cycle 12 times a year, involving both the Board of Directors and shareholders

Goal Attainment Visualization

We work with the management team to design and visualize KPIs that will serve as the company’s compass, and to create an operational structure for the organization

Appropriate Feedback

We ensure that the PDCA cycle is properly executed by providing appropriate feedback

Hands-On Case Studies

Hands-on Support